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Monday, December 01, 2003

A great adventure

1. Yes, the contrast between the colors at the top of this page hurt my eyes, too. Offer it up; there's only 24 days left.

2. I assume you've seen the on-line Advent retreat offered by the Precious Blood Family and posted at The New Gasparian.

3. The Pope's Angelus speech on the First Sunday of Advent has a few words we might ponder:
Christ is coming, the Prince of peace! To prepare for his Nativity means to reawaken in ourselves and in the world the hope for peace. First of all, peace in hearts, which is built by putting down the weapons of rancor, of revenge and of every form of egoism.
Forswearing rancor, revenge, and every form of egoism? What does the Pope think this is, Lent?