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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

He blesses

What does it mean when I [ask God to] bless you?

God's blessing of a person is usually perceived, not so much as a consecration, but by a more or less identifiable good in the person's life. When we "count our blessings," we include such things as children, good health, freedom from material want, and so forth.

The Catechism puts it this way:
From the beginning until the end of time the whole of God's work is a blessing. From the liturgical poem of the first creation to the canticles of the heavenly Jerusalem, the inspired authors proclaim the plan of salvation as one vast divine blessing.
If the whole of God's work is a blessing, so in particular are those "blessings in digsuise" He sends us, gifts we would just as soon refuse if we had the chance. (There's a tangentially-related discussion at Flos Carmeli on God bringing forth good from evil.)

A suppler mind than mine would be able to show how the two meanings of God's blessing -- making holy and distributing grace -- are two aspects of the same thing: how God's goodness overflows into His creation.