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Friday, January 16, 2004

Coming in threes

The same day I post on the Google Ichthus Index, TS O'Rama and Bill White post on the Jesus Christ Google number.

What they fail to do -- and really, I'm surprised at Bill -- is normalize. What does it mean for two sites to have the same number if one site has 10 pages in total and the other has 3,000?

The GII for the Sisters of Mercy is 12.0. The Spiritual Life Institute gets a 14.3. TSO's own website has a GII of 59.4, while Summa Minutiae comes in at 20.1.

Which goes to show you, if you want a high GII, don't use blogging software that archives every post as a separate page.

(And yes, I am a little uneasy about using the Holy Name to generate useless statistics.)