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Monday, March 01, 2004


If you are a Lay Dominican, or simply dig their charism, you might enjoy a subscription to The Dominican Torch, the quarterly journal of the Dominican Laity of the Province of St. Joseph.

The theme of the latest issue is St. Thomas Aquinas and what he has to say to the Dominican Laity. Articles include "St. Thomas Aquinas and the Dominican Vocation," by fr. Romanus Cessario, O.P.; "Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Battle for Chastity," by Theo Stearns, T.O.P.; "A Brief Look at St. Thomas Aquinas's Poetry and Hymns," by Michael Ryman, T.O.P.; "The Saint Petersburg Dominicans," Joseph Lake, T.O.P.; "Charisms of One Dominican Family," by Gail Waterman, T.O.P.; "From Faust to Frankenstein: 'Mad' Science vs. Human Life," by David W. Witter, T.O.P.; "Dominican Friars and the Infant of Prague," by fr. Albert Caprio, O.P.; and "Who is the Religious Promoter?," by fr. Jacob Restrick, O.P. (This last is first in a series of articles on the different roles in a Lay Dominican chapter.)

Themes for upcoming issues include St. Catherine of Siena, St. Dominic, and Our Lady of the Rosary.

A one-year subscription (four issues) is $15 (for domestic U.S. addresses). The magazine is published on glossy paper, 48 pp. an issue (give or take), with a very nice design (and, of course, a typeface by Eric Gill). If you're interested, contact
The Dominican Torch Subscription Dept.
St. Martin de Porres Third Order Dominican Community
3050 Gap Knobb Road
New Hope, KY 40052