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Monday, March 22, 2004

Program reminder: The Luminous Mysteries

Tomorrow evening is the final Lenten reflection at St. Andrew Apostle Church in Silver Spring, MD. (Next week there's a one-friar concert; the following week is a penitential service.) As always, chanted Evening Prayer begins at 7:30 p.m.

The preacher tomorrow is Fr. James Sullivan, OP; his topic is "The Graces of the Luminous Mysteries: The Rosary and Our Life of Prayer." And I'm not just saying Fr. Sullivan is an unfailingly excellent preacher because, as the provincial promoter of the Dominican Laity, he's my boss's boss. I can guarantee this will be worth the effort required to attend, or your money back.
Fr. Sullivan studied philosophy and humanities at Providence College in RI, and then entered the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph of the Order of Preachers. He earned a Licentiate in Philosophy from Catholic University of America in 1993, a Master of Divinity in 1994, and a Licentiate in Sacred Theology in 1996, both from Immaculate Conception College (The Dominican House of Studies). He was ordained in 1995. Fr. Sullivan was first assigned to Saint Gertrude Parish in Madeira, OH, where he focused primarily on Adult Edu cation. He has taught theology, written articles for journals and has served on the boards of various organizations. He is on the Preaching Board of Advisors for the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph. He is a part-time professor of Theology at Saint Joseph’s Seminary - Dunwoodie, in Yonkers, NY, but currently his main assignment is as Provincial Promoter for the Laity, serving as the Order's link to the 4,000 members in the 60 Third Order Dominican Laity Chapters in the Province.