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Friday, March 19, 2004

Swiety Jozef kiwnie broda, idzie zima nadol z woda

If, as the Polish saying has it, "St. Joseph shakes his beard and see: winter's disappeared!," then St. Joseph must have dandruff in his beard, because that's snow coming down. Not as much here as up north, but still.

While we're on the subject of St. Joseph and hair care, look at some of the holy cards at this site. You got your young Joseph, you got your old Joseph, you got your bearded-yet-androgynous Joseph.

You even got your "How's it going, Joe, want a Schlitz?" Joseph.

But notice that, in almost every portrait of St. Joseph, he's got short hair, or at least relatively short hair.

So how come Jesus always has hair down to his shoulders? Didn't His father ever say, "Yes, yes, in Your Father's house are many mansions, but as long as You're living in my house, you're getting a hair cut!"?

There is a true mystery here, but it can wait for another post.