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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

All women get turned into hussies

Enbrethiliel had quite a day.
I got fanciful for a moment and thought of an early scene in Blossoms in the Dust (which is never far from my mind when I think of abortion), when Edna Gladney comes back from shopping, finds her sister Charlotte already home, and says, "Tell me. Do I look like a hussy?" Then she defines hussy as the kind of woman a man thinks he can insult. So I cynically asked Enedhilien if she thought I was a hussy, confusing the poor thing, who has never seen the movie (and who had to look up the word!). Yet I had just been insulted beyond belief, told that I value less than "three minutes of pleasure": I felt I could be a little bitter.

Anyway, when Moloch has his way with the culture, all women get turned into hussies.