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Friday, June 04, 2004

And they want this known?

Setting aside for a moment the, ah, methodological difficulties of the study, here are some of the data released this week by "Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and other Catholic senators":

"Domestic Score""International Score""Pro-Life Score"
John Kerry95%50%11%

Keep in mind, this was a Democratic effort to paint the Democratoc party in the best possible light, in response to criticism raised largely against their presumptive presidential nominee. (Note, for example, that not voting counts neither for nor against a senator. Since John "KILL THE BABIES" Kerry would have voted against the USCCB's position on the four "pro-life" votes he skipped (for what I think can be known to be political reasons), his actual "pro-life score" is 8%, or less than a third of the lowest scoring Catholic Republican and 50% worse than the Democratic average.)

A few questions come to mind:
  1. What is the smallest number in the above table?
  2. What is the second smallest number in the above table?
  3. Of the three categories the report defines, which does Faithful Citizenship -- a key reference for the report - define to be "the measure of every institution"?
If I were on Sen. Durbin's staff, I'd have recommended burying the report and never mentioning it again.

(And no, the Republicans don't look all that swell either, but a fair evaluation would require looking at the methodological problems.)