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Friday, October 14, 2005

"And you shall call His name 'God'"

Have you ever noticed how sympathetically portrayed Christian characters on television never speak the Holy Name of Jesus?

It's not coincidental:
"It's a show about five people who run a church," said "Pastor Greg" creator and star Greg Robbins. "No matter what you do on Sundays, you'll be able to relate to them."

... Robbins met one television executive who bluntly said, "Take Jesus out of your show, and we'll buy it right now."

Other Hollywood executives expressed concern about "Pastor Greg" openly using the J-word.

"That's what they called it, the J-word - they couldn't even bring themselves to say Jesus," said Robbins, adding, "Satan has a stronghold on Hollywood in a big way."
I suspect saying "the J-word" rather than "Jesus" may have more to do with sham creativity than with demonic influence, but there's nothing like broadcast television to take the "Christ" out of "Christian."

Link via Christdot, via Relapsed Catholic.