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Friday, November 04, 2005

Irresponsibility at its highest

Bill Bennett is upset at the news that the CIA is running a program of secret prisons in foreign countries:
This is an outrage....

This is irresponsibility at its highest; it's also hypocrisy....

Shame on them. The consequences of what they've done will continue to rattle and distract our efforts — so too our allies'.
Oh, just to be clear: he's upset at the news, not at the fact. At the reporters, not at the government.

In this case, Eugene Robinson speaks for me:
Why does it matter how we treat a bunch of Islamic radicals who are sworn to bring death and destruction to the United States? It matters because the United States draws its strength and its moral authority in the world from its ideals. We preach about due process, we preach about the rule of law, we preach about humane treatment -- and now we're ignoring our own pronouncements.

But there's more at stake than American standing in the world. Our ideals are the heart and soul of this nation. We are not an ancient nation united by language or blood. Our ideals, rather than ethnicity or even territory, hold us together and make us a nation. When we betray those ideals, we weaken America.