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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Word of God in Christian Prayer

Proposition 31 from the recent Synod of Bishops, as translated by ZENIT:
The Eucharistic celebration is the central celebration of the Church but, for the spiritual life of a community, the celebrations of the Word of God are also of great importance.

Such celebrations offer the community the possibility to further its reflection on the Word of God. Forms of access to the Word of God may also be used which have been demonstrated to be valid in the catechetical and pastoral endeavor, such as dialogue, silence or other creative elements like gestures and music.

Moreover, the forms of the Liturgy of the Hours, confirmed by tradition, should be recommended to the communities, especially Lauds, Vespers and Compline, and also the holding of vigils. The introductions to the psalms and readings of the Office may lead to a more profound experience of the event of Christ and of the economy of salvation that, in turn, can enrich the understanding of the Eucharistic mystery.

It will be decisive that whoever leads such celebrations not only have a good theological formation but that, stemming from personal spiritual experience, be able to draw closer to the heart of the Word of God.
Is this the year you talk your parish into celebrating Sunday Vespers?

(I'm thinking Evening Prayer II, although it would be pretty funny to tell all the people who come to the vigil Mass on Saturday to get it over with, "For the Invitatory Psalm tonight, we'll be using Tone IV.")

And this business of the holding of vigils. The Dominican House of Studies' All Saints Vigil is growing in popularity, but for some reason they keep scheduling it on Halloween, so I haven't been able to attend. But perhaps a vigil could be held at my parish for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, or something.

Is there a book of vigils one checks?