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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just a reminder

From Servias Pinckaers, OP:
Actually, Scripture, especially the Gospels, is addressed to believers rather than to scholars. This means that every Christian possesses the capacity to grasp the kernel of the Gospel, the nourishing meat within the shell of words, the Word that will touch him, convert him, lead him along the road to God. Better still, this means that God can speak directly to the heart of everyone who reads and listens to the Gospel with faith. He reveals Himself to him with the help of this text, as one person reveals himself little by little to another during conversation.

In light of this, I should like to ask you: if God has truly spoken to us in His Scripture, do you think it is enough to listen distractedly to the two or three readings at Sunday Mass? If the Lord has spoken to us, is it not because He has something essential to tell us that will interest us personally? ...

Take the Gospel in hand. Here is a letter God sends you in friendship today. Let no person, no pretext, stop you from listening to this Word, from joining in this intimate conversation.