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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Made fishers of fish

The cover of this book reminds me of a couple of T shirts I saw recently that said:
Jesus said, "Go fishing,"...
Jesus said, "Go for a walk,"...
Below, in smaller print, they went on along the lines of, "He didn't say, 'Take out the garbage, mulch the trees, dust the bookcase, recaulk the bathtub,....'"

On a related note, here's an article titled, "Cast Your Nets: Fishing at the Time of Jesus." It has some interesting information, but I'm not particularly sold on its exegesis of the miraculous catch of John 21:
When winter comes, the musht, which are tropical fish, congregate in shoals in the northern part of the [Sea of Galilee] where they are attracted to the warm water of the springs rising at the foot of the Eremos hill flowing into the lake. The attraction is fatal to the fish for it offers the fishermen an opportunity to make abundant catches. It was probably here that Jesus, having seen a shoal of musht, told Peter to let down his net, and he made a successful haul.
Who wouldn't conclude that someone capable of seeing a shoal of musht is the Lord?

(First link via open book.)