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Thursday, September 28, 2006

"My job is to run out the clock with style"

Orthonormal Basis draws attention to Oakland's Bishop Vigneron's Ten Rules for Handling Disagreement Like a Christian.

Let me give in to prejudice and list them this way:

Hey, Progressives:Hey, Conservatives:Hey, Everybody:
The Rule of Publicity: "Think with the mind of the Church."The Rule of Legitimate Freedom: "What the Church allows is not to be disallowed."The Rule of Charity: "Charity is primary."
The Petrine Rule: "Nobody ever built up the Church by tearing down the pope."The Rule of Catholic Freedom: "There's something for everybody, but not everything is for everybody."The Rule of Integrity: "To do evil in order to accomplish good is really to do evil."
The Rule of Mystery: "Not all the habits and attitudes which belong to a society governed by a representative democracy are appropriate in the Church."The Eschatological Rule: "The victory is assured; my job is to run out the clock with style."The Rule of Realism: "Remember that Satan is eager to corrupt my efforts to build up the Kingdom, and he's smart enough to figure out a way to do it."
The Rule of Modesty: "Not all of my causes are God's causes."

Update: Per Gregg the Obscure's observation, Everybody now has the most rules.