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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The City of Lost Angelicos

Turns out to be Oxford.

The newly discovered panels are fun, of course, but the Cranky Professor tears himself away from cultivating his orchids or brooding in his study or whatever armchair detectives do these days to enliven matters:
Hmmm. Someone who is curator of manuscripts at the Huntington Library (not university, silly Englishman) is not a naive...

... she's not sounding nearly so naive as to live for 45 years with two Fra Angelico panels without figuring out what they were - the woman collected forgeries! That's someone who is well beyond mildly aware of her collection. I think she reveled in looking at the two paintings for a long, long time without ever having to increase her insurance premium. I salute Miss Jean Preston!
I used to live a few blocks from the Huntington Library; you can judge for yourself the quality of people who would work there. (Princeton might have a decent library, too, for all I know.)

(Article and blog links via Zadok the Roman.)