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Friday, February 09, 2007

Not pro-anti-Catholic, just anti-anti-anti-Catholic

Three brief thoughts on the teapot tempest around John Edwards and his staff:
  1. "Some of my best friends are Catholic" doesn't cut it as a defense. The question isn't whether people hate Catholics, it's whether they hate Catholicism. And by "Catholicism," I mean the actual Faith handed down by the Apostles, not the private treaties many of us negotiated between our consciences and our passions.
  2. Tu -- which is to say, Republicans -- quoque doesn't cut it, either. The question of whether people hate Catholicism is simply of a different order of importance than the question of whether people hate Islam or homosexuality or whatever it is Republicans are said to hate.
  3. In some way, this whole episode points to the evidential power of beauty. The intellect immediately grasps the truth of the matter, not discursively, but by apprehending the ugliness of those involved. Discursive reasoning may follow along, tidying things up, but its end is already known.