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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hold your nose

Peter Nixon collects the comments of several leading presidential candidates regarding last week's Supreme Court decision on partial birth abortion.

There is a good chance one of the Democrats quoted will be the Democratic candidate in the general election. There is an excellent chance the Democratic candidate in the general election, whoever it may be, has already said or will when the opportunity arises say something basically equivalent to what the Democrats Peter quotes said.

This is the level of evil Catholics who will vote for these candidates will be cooperating with.

Do not forget this.

When the sophists start with their glib campaigning -- when you hear "more to being pro-life than being anti-abortion," "concerned for babies after they're born," "policies that will do more to reduce the number of abortions" -- remember that this is the kind of person they want you to admire, this is the level of evil they want you to cooperate with.

And don't take this as an early campaign ad for the G.O.P. The quotations from the Republican candidates are no more a positive reason to vote for them than if they said, "I promise not to raise a zombie army to eat the brains of my political rivals."

What will happen is this: pro-life Catholic Democrats will argue strenuously for the moral right to "hold your nose and vote" for rabidly pro-abortion Democratic candidates like Clinton, Edwards, and Obama. Then, not all, but many of them will get used to the stench of these candidates, and some will grow to like it.

What will not happen is this: pro-life Catholics of all political parties (or of none) will pray and fast between now and the primaries that God grant the United States presidential candidates who are not evil -- in part because Catholics don't like others to point out that their preferred candidates are evil.