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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Seeing isn't believing

As the NAB notes, the Gospel According to St. Matthew uses the same verb ( δισταζω) to refer to Peter's doubt as he walked across the water to Jesus and to the doubt of [some of] the Apostles who saw Jesus after His resurrection.

In both cases, there was available all the evidence a skeptic could want. Peter even proposed and conducted a scientific test to collect further evidence. Unfortunately, his hypothesis failed to account for a hidden variable: Faith.

Jesus' original disciples may have found Him to be too incredible to believe in. His disciples today may find Him too believable to be incredible. If I have always known by faith that Jesus rose from the dead, then what would I find remarkable about Jesus rising from the dead? That would be like finding it remarkable that clouds float in the sky.

And if I don't find Jesus' resurrection remarkable, then I won't remark on it. If I don't find Easter remarkable, then (if you'll pardon the rhetorical over-reach) Easter will leave no mark on me.

I worship, certainly. But do I doubt?