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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Iceland is cool

So says the Pope, mentioning among other things the Icelandic Crisis Response Unit, a military force even smaller than the Swiss Guards, and the Carmelite Sisters of Hafnarfjordur, which is the place to go if you need an icon in Iceland.

Pope Benedict XVI also mentioned "an inseparable link between peace with creation, and peace among people," the understanding of which "is found in the natural and moral order with which God has created man and has endowed the earth."

This, I think, is a challenging teaching for many Catholics in the United States, where the sides are drawn between the tree-huggers who value a sparrow as much as a human and the subdoers and dominionists who figure there's no chance we could use the Earth up before the Second Coming. (I exaggerate to save time.)

How do we achieve a Christian peace with creation, when so many of the voices arguing for peace with creation are pagan and so many of the Christian voices are arguing against peace with creation? (I overstate for rhetorical purposes.)