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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I don't meme, but "Why I Love Jesus" seems like a topic I ought to be willing to discuss if asked.

Except that a few moments' thought suggests that "Why" is not at all the correct question to ask about love. And in fact, tracing things back to the start of the meme (assuming it has a start, which philosophy tells us it must, though sometimes I have my doubts about philosophy, but anyway), you can see "Why I Love Jesus" emerge from "What I Love About Jesus," which emerged from "What I Dig About Jesus."

An attempt to use the progression from "what I dig" through "what I love" to "why I love" as an interpretive key to Deus Caritas Est would surely be far more interesting than a list of five things I dig, or even love, about Jesus.

That said, I love Jesus because He is perfectly lovable and I am imperfectly lovingable.