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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sing a new song
"Saint Dominic Went Walking"

Saint Dominic went walking
About this time of year.
He met a wretched heretic,
Who said, "What have we here?

"A grubby looking preacher,
One of the Pope's own spies?
I'll lead him on a merry chase
To teach him just who's wise!"
Saint Dominic, Saint Dominic,
O raise your voice in prayer!
Lead all good souls back to the fold,
And chuck the rest down there!
The heretic approached him,
And said, "Sir, you look lost.
I know this country front and back,
I'll help you get across."

The Saint, he said, "God bless you!
Lead on," and off they went.
T'was one with songs of praise to God,
And one with ill intent.
Saint Dominic, Saint Dominic,
O raise your voice in song!
And wretched souls who mock the Lord
Can go where they belong!
The heretic he led him
Through every briar patch,
'Cross every stone and thistle bush
That might his bare feet scratch.

Saint Dominic, he smiled,
And said, "All praises be
To God for sending you to teach
Me true humility."
Saint Dominic, Saint Dominic,
O bless all those you meet!
God's chosen ones will feel His love,
The rest can feel the heat!
The wicked guide was trembling
As he beheld the saint.
He said, "Whatever else he is,
A hypocrite he ain't."

He begged him for forgiveness,
With Christ he reconciled.
So Dominic led this lost son
Back home from in the wild.
Saint Dominic, Saint Dominic,
O preach and bless and praise!
That all who sin may see again
The beauty of God's ways!