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Friday, August 03, 2007

"This is good."

Again from the State of the Dominican Order report:
Our preaching has to be promoted as Dominican Family. ... If the horizon of the mission is unlimited, the horizon of the association of the laity in different feminine Dominican Congregations, the aggregation of Institutes, the desire of belonging is also broadened. This is good.
The horizon of the Dominican Family was broadened in a rather concrete way a couple of weeks ago with the formation of Dominican Young Adults USA.
This group is formed to help those who are Dominican by their formation -- in Dominican High Schools, Colleges, Universities, parishes and other Dominican experiences-- to continue their connection with the Order. The connection includes deepening their relationship with God and the world through the four pillars of study, prayer, community and ministry. Each group of young adults will have as a mentor a friar, sister, associate, laity or nun.
This new organization plans to become officially affiliated with the International Dominican Youth Movement, which itself is younger than most of its members but already has affiliates in eighteen other countries.

Prayer, study, community, and preaching. There are all kinds of ways of living these in the free spirit of St. Dominic.