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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Rosary: Remedy for Sloth, iii

Those who are slothful during the week meet their Sunday obligation, but lack any real daily prayer life. Who has the time?

Again, a commitment to the Rosary will demonstrate that we all have the time, that daily prayer need not be an onerous burden. (It should also demonstrate that daily prayer is a true blessing, but for now I'm just looking at getting rid of vice, not instilling virtue.)

And if daily prayer isn't burdensome, then neither is praying for specific intentions. Once a person allows himself to think of God when it isn't Sunday morning, he can think of God in his need. If he has prayed to God in the past twenty-four hours, the thought of reaching out to Him shouldn't seem too taxing. It's easier and more natural to ask for a favor (or for forgiveness) from someone you talk to every day than from someone you haven't spoken to in too long.