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Friday, August 22, 2008

Not so tendentious after all

In a recent post on the draft Democratic Party platform, I'd written:
Pro-life Democrats are also pleased, because it ... er, has the words "reduce" and "abortion" in the same sentence. And it recognizes the legitimacy of a woman's right to choose "to have a child" -- by which is of course meant, "to give birth to a child," since a woman would hardly choose a safe and legal abortion if she didn't already have a child to abort -- and the Democratic Party is evidently such that its recognition of a woman's right to bear children is considered a sign of progress.
I meant it to sting. The platform isn't just weak beer from a pro-life perspective, it's horse piss -- and yet some pro-lifers seem thankful to Obama for the opportunity to drink it.

At the time, I allowed that the above-quoted paragraph could be called a tendentious caricature of the pro-life Democratic position. I now find Michael Yaki, the platform director who worked on crafting the abortion plank, quoted as saying basically the same thing I did in that post, in some of the same words:
For the first time, the Democratic Party is using "reduce" and "abortion" in the same sentence, and for the first time it talks about the decision to have a child and supporting that decision.
Except instead of "horse piss," he calls it a "breakthrough."