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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Zippy has granted that I found what he calls "the weakest spot in my argument" -- viz, that, though the harm people do to themselves in voting for a candidate who supports murdering the innocent "may be commonplace and grave, it isn't necessary."

Invited by a commenter to "give it a rest," Zippy replies:
I will not give it a rest while Church parking lots are filled with bumper stickers singing the praises of candidates who support murdering the innocent. I will not give it a rest while the blogosphere and the Catholic media are filled with paeons to how pro-life McCain is, despite his status as an ESCR mass murderer. I will not give it a rest while pro-life organizations are busily and diligently removing ESCR from their comparisons of issues of import to pro-lifers. I will not give it a rest while Catholic lay organizations are frantically and desperately switching gears, from one election cycle to the next, from a polemic of 'non-negotiables' to a polemic of 'proportionate reason'.
He's got a point.

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