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Thursday, April 09, 2009

"It is consummated."

On the cross, Jesus finished the work for which He came into the world.

Not "finished" in the way a test, or a race, or a "to do" list is finished. "Finished" in the way a cathedral, or a sculpture, or a painting is finished. When the work finished is a work of art, the finish is only the beginning.

There is surely something beautiful about a life so well lived that, at the last moment, you can say, "It is consummated," meaning not, "My life is done," but, "My life work has reached its completion."

Since your life's work is given to you by God -- if you're baptized, it's some version of going and making disciples of all nations -- and since what God sends forth shall not return to Him void, but shall achieve the end for which He sends it, you're in good shape to live a beautiful life.