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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prayer Request

Please pray for the soul of Dorothy Murphy, OP, who at the time of her death was serving as the president of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph Lay Dominican Council, president of the Province's Lay Dominican council for Region 6 (MD-VA-DC), and treasurer of the Bishop Fenwick Lay Dominican Chapter in Silver Spring, MD.

When I began looking into the Lay Dominicans in 1998, I found out that Dorothy was in the process of establishing a new chapter in our parish. I showed up at the first meeting, and (barring illness and travel) we've both been at every chapter meeting ever since. She was my formation director, and has continued to inform me about what it is to be a Lay Dominican, a Dominican, and a Christian.

I once mentioned to her that I'd never been at a Dominican function -- chapter, regional, or provincial; meeting, profession, or retreat -- where she didn't speak. (Not literally true, but pretty close.) If she wasn't leading the event, then sooner or later she would make her way to the podium, the lectern, or at least the front of the room with something to say (if only where to line up for food).

Considering the imprint she has left on the Dominican Family -- from our chapter all the way up and out (she was involved with the Lay Fraternities at the international level, participated in a number of national committees across the branches of the Order, and served as a trustee of the Dominican House of Studies) -- I think it can be said it will be years, if ever, before I do attend a Dominican function at which her voice can't be heard.