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Monday, June 08, 2009

To wit

When we speak of "prayer for vocations," we usually have in mind vocations to the priesthood. The broadminded also include vocations to vowed religious life.

But there are other vocations:
  • to chastity
  • to the Christian apostolate
  • to communion with God
  • to cooperation with God in creation
  • to divine beatitude
  • to divine worship and to the service of the Church
  • to enter the Kingdom
  • to establish the new People of God
  • to eternal life
  • to life in the Holy Spirit
  • to love
  • to manifest God
  • to marriage
  • to parenthood
  • to seek God
And so forth.

If we think God designed His Church so that priests do everything and laity just sort of follow along, then we aren't listening.