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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Can any two things be any less correlated?

This kind of thing really gets up my nose:
"Bad luck means that the encyclical is coming out on the day of Michael Jackson's funeral. No one will be paying attention," [Fr. Thomas Reese] said.
Seriously, Fr. Reese? Seriously?

Does anyone remember the big story the day Evangelium Vitae was officially released? How about the day Mit Brennender Sorge came out? Rerum Novarum? (Or, for that matter, Slavorum Apostoli or Invicti Athletae?)

Here's the thing about news: it gets old. If you treat the contents of an encyclical like a news story, then the answer to the article's headline, "Will Benedict XVI's New Encyclical Matter?," is assuredly, "No."

(Link via The Deacon's Bench.)