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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Habemus punditii

It's true, as is sometimes pointed out, that if the Pope wrote a laundry list it wouldn't be considered infallible.

It probably would be considered bloggable, though.

And people might scramble to be among the first to read it, and maybe write a sneak-peek preview of it before it was officially released. Maybe that sense of urgency would even make a kind of sense, if only because another laundry list would likely be coming along in a week or two.

Encyclicals, though, come out rarely, and they don't come with an expiration date. I really don't understand the need to read them the day they come out, much less the week before.

I'm not knocking anyone's hobby, much less their profession, and I suppose bloggers can be excused for wanting to generate content that will attract hits.

But personally, I'm far more interested in reading about how Pope Benedict's first encyclical has changed someone's life since it came out three years ago than in reading which four sentences of his newest encyclical jump out at them as they scan it for money grafs as soon as the link works.