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Friday, August 21, 2009

Treasures Old and New

Fr. Philip Neri Powell, OP, of Domine, Da Mihi Hanc Aquam! (Latin for "Lord, I need a drink!"), has a brand new book out from Liguori Publications called Treasures Old and New: Traditional Prayers for Today's Catholics.

It's a collection of prayers, novenas, and litanies for various intentions. The table of contents and the first few pages can be viewed here.

For that matter, the table of contents can be viewed here:
Foreword vii

Preface ix

Introduction: A Theology of Prayer xiii

Part One: The Novenas 1
  Credo Novena 3
  Novena for Faith 14
  Novena for Hope 17
  Novena for Love 20
  Novena of the Lord's Prayer 23
  Psalm Novena for Growth in Holiness 30
  Novena of the Four Dominican Pillars 45
  Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus 57
  Novena for Detachment and Holy Obedience 59
  Novena for Discernment of a Priestly Vocation 64

Part Two: The Litanies 77
  Litany of God the Father 79
  Litany of Jesus, Priest and Sacrifi ce 83
  Litany of the Most Holy Trinity 87
  Litany to the Infant Jesus 90
  Litany to Mary, Co-Redemptrix 93
  Litany to the Unsayable God 99

Part Three: The Way-Truth-Life Rosary 103
  Praying the Rosary 105

Part Four: Prayers 111
  Prayer for an Examination of Conscience 113
  The ABC Prayer for Conversion 117
  Prayer Before Reconciliation 119
  Prayer After Reconciliation 120
  For a Dark Night of the Soul 121
  Daily Morning Prayer 123
  Daily Evening Prayer 125

Sources and Permissions 127
The idea of this book, as I ken it, is to explain and adapt these traditional forms of prayer, which have supported the Christian faithful for centuries, to Catholics of today. (Note, for example, that the portion of the Credo Novena included in the sample pages does adapt a sermon of St. Augustine but doesn't include a single "vouchsafe.")