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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Let our adoration never cease

I don't really know much about the theology professor and columnist Fr. Richard McBrien. I know the basics, the things you can't help but know about him if you've spent years among Catholics on the Internet, but I've read too little by or about him to say much about his theological or spiritual positions.

I have, though, read his latest column, which he concludes:
Eucharistic adoration, perpetual or not, is a doctrinal, theological, and spiritual step backward, not forward.
And that tells me this:

Fr. McBrien does not know Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

This column fits my overall impression of him as someone who's too smart and au courant to listen to the Church, someone whose ecclesial program is the substitution of study for piety and of Acadamia's teaching authority for the Church's.

And this, the penultimate sentence of his column, is consistent with a bizarre minimalism that confuses theory with the Living Person of Christ:
The Mass itself provides all that a Catholic needs sacramentally and spiritually.
But my overall impression of Fr. McBrien is based on a very thin slice of the total amount of information available on him, and I could be altogether wrong.

What I am not wrong about, though, is that no one who knows Jesus Christ in the Eucharist could write that Eucharistic adoration is a step backward.

That a priest of Jesus Christ does not know Him in the Eucharist is cause for great sorrow.