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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The personal is the political

Through a fortuitous Twitter exchange, it was discovered that I -- a nondenominational subsidiaritist -- and Rodak -- a hippie liberal -- share at least one principle of good government.

We both believe in taxing into extinction whatever we personally don't like.

Now if we can just find something neither of us likes, we can get the political action committee up and running.

I'll start by suggesting we tax into extinction commercials that:
  1. advertise products and services the nature of which cannot be explicitly described in the commercial;
  2. feature people happier to be in fast food restaurants than anyone has ever been to be anywhere;
  3. teach the lesson, "If you're a complete moron like me, you need this product";
  4. are selling dolls that secrete; and/or
  5. tell you whom to vote for... if you lived in a different state! Maryland political ads are bad enough; why are you telling me about what a[n awful/ wonderful] person Clown X For Virginia Governor is?
Oh, and the USC Marching Band.