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Friday, December 18, 2009

You just might find you get what you need

I am of the "the more the merrier" school of canonization. If we know someone's a saint, let's make it official, says I. So I'm all for the canonization of Bl. Mary MacKillop.

What I'm not for is the "patron saint of troublemakers" angle suggested by Fr. James Martin, SJ.

We've already got St. Jerome as the patron saint of jerks and St. Catherine of Siena as the patron saint of loudmouths -- meaning that jerks and loudmouths often justify being jerks and loudmouths by invoking those two saints (though not, you'll notice, the bits about him living in a cave or her living in a closet).

One thing the Church most definitely does not need are troublemakers justifying being troublemakers by invoking St. Mary MacKillop (while skipping the bit about her life of poverty teaching in converted stables).

What I can see being useful, though, is troublemakers praying to St. Mary MacKillop for help, since prayers for help tend to result in the help needed, which isn't always the help prayed for.