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Monday, March 22, 2010

Catholics pray to saints

When I first saw some damnfool Catholic criticizing Nancy Pelosi for saying Catholics pray to St. Joseph, I put it down as a bit of political insanity.

Then I heard about the Anchoress saying the same damnfool thing:
"Italian Americans" certainly do honor St. Joseph, but they do not "pray" to him.
And I figured, if you trust the Anchoress for your Catholic doctrine, particularly as it relates (in however idiotic a fashion; thanks ever so much, Mme. Speaker) to politics, you get what you pay for. (As the Anchoress herself said when corrected, "Yeah, I never get that stuff right.")

But now I see the Happy Catholic saying the same damnfool thing:
That's the only explanation I have for someone who says we pray "to" a saint (instead of ask him to pray with us or for us)....
And I am forced to conclude that, either Republicans are generally imbeciles, or a lot of Catholics in the United States live in fear of Protestants saying bad things about them.

Both may be true, of course, but I'm more concerned with the second possibility.

Here's the thing:

Catholics pray to saints.


No quotation marks.

No "if you look it up in the dictionary."


And if that upsets some Protestants, so what?

Because guess what. If you add all the quotation marks and in-a-senses and distinctions and but-that-doesn't-means and qualifications and apologies and forelock-tugging you like, those Protestants will still say bad things about you.

Own your faith, for crying out loud. As Carla Tortelli said, this isn't a religion for wusses.