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Friday, March 19, 2010

From one adorer to another

I see the complete works of St. Peter Julian Eymard are on-line. (In French, but you can't have everything.)

St. Peter Julian was the founder of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, whose "mission is to respond to the hungers of the human family with the riches of God's love manifested in the Eucharist."

I mention him today because St. Peter Julian had a special devotion to St. Joseph, and saw in him, whose life was devoted to raising Jesus, the archetype of Eucharistic adorer. Among his writings available in English, I particularly recommend Month of St. Joseph.

Here are some barbarous translations of a few prayers to St. Joseph composed by St. Peter Julian Eymard:
Prayer for placing himself under the protection of the glorious St. Joseph
Great saint, I take you, today and for all my life, as my singular patron, my master, the guide of my heart and my body, my thoughts, my words, my actions, my honor and my goods, my life and my death, and I propose to never forget you but to exalt your holy name and to advance your glory as much as is possible for me. I thus beg you, O great holy Joseph, to receive me as your perpetual servant. Assist me in all my actions and do not abandon me in the hour of my death.

Prayer to present his heart to Saint Joseph
My sweet Saint Joseph, I prostrate myself with love and affection at your feet and I entreat you to deign to approve my poor and weak heart that I present to you, with all that I am, giving it entirely to you... Enlighten, if you will, my darkness, making known to me in which state, condition and vocation, I will be able to better do my duty. Lead me by a most perfect way and obtain for me the grace to live my life in holiness, so that I may have the happiness of glorifying , blessing and loving God in your company, through all eternity.

Recourse to Saint Joseph before going on a journey
Most gently, holy Joseph, I beg you to be a faithful guide in the voyage that I wish to make, by the inexpressible work you endured when you led out and brought back Jesus and Mary from Israel. I ask you to assist me on this occasion and to obtain for me the grace to arrive at the desired place. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Joseph to live in peace
O great saint, by the affliction and great distress in which you found yourself when you had resolved to separate yourself from the Blessed Virgin, your pure wife, and by the joy which you felt when the angel informed you of the sacred mystery of the Incarnation, I beg you that from now on I may live with everyone in most perfect peace.

Prayer for the grace to aspire to perfection
Most gentle, holy Joseph, I beg from you, by the holiness, the graces, and the gifts with which your heart was decorated to make you the worthy husband of the Virgin Mary, mother of my divine Savior, I entreat you to make it possible, through your intercession, for me to achieve a degree of virtuous and perfect living so as to be thus a worthy residence of the Holy Spirit.