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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My favorite novena to St. Joseph

First time in three years I've mentioned this in time for someone to see this, start it, and finish on St. Joseph's Day.
Every day for nine days, turn to St. Joseph in spirit four times during the day and honor him in the following four points. (These "visits" may be made anywhere -- at home, at work, on the street, in the car or bus -- and at any time.)
  1. During the first visit, consider St. Joseph's fidelity to grace. Reflect upon the action of the Holy Ghost in his soul. At the conclusion of this brief meditation, thank God for so honoring St. Joseph, and ask, through his intercession, for a similar grace.
  2. Later in the day, consider St. Joseph's fidelity to the interior life. Study his spirit of recollection. Think, thank God, and ask.
  3. Later still, consider St. Joseph's love for Our Lady. Think, thank God, and ask.
  4. Finally, in a fourth visit, reflect upon St. Joseph's love for the Divine Child. Think, thank God, and ask.
Quoted from here, from a warmly recommended little booklet of prayers to St. Joseph.