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Saturday, September 18, 2010

What would Miss Evangelization wear?

The thing
One thing
Among the things that really skeeter my ears is Catholics who, mistaking their own weird hangups or personal druthers for categorical moral imperatives, make of the Faith something, not merely ridiculous, but so cramped and petty that no god behind such a thing is worth a respectful nod, much less complete devotion.

The public airing of some psychosexual issues an anonymous Catholic author is trying to work through is an example of what I mean. Evangelizing the culture on Christian modesty is hard enough, without crackpot theories about stolen strawberries husbands picking out their wives' clothes floating around.

When I first ran into this bit of nonsense, I thought that the worst thing about the whole sola skirtura controversy was all the things left undone while people worry about women wearing pants. When the topic turned out to have legs, I considered writing a full Summa-style article, "Whether women may wear pants," with objections, a sed contra, a respondeo, and answers to the objections. But a complete list of the objections I've seen raised this week would include too many that are simply too skeevy for me to repeat. (Also, I wasn't sure what to say in the respondeo beyond, "Are you freaking kidding me?")

Then I saw this comment, which moved the issue from one of cranks embarrassing us respectable Catholics to one of cranks doing lasting spiritual damage to their own Catholic neighbors:
I was stuck in the skirt/dress zone for six years almost immediately after our move to the Trad Mass. I was given many articles and books and it did seem to make sense at the time and I immediately made the switch and never looked back until about five months ago. I had been unhappy for a couple of years wearing skirts but at this point had brought two daughters up to wear them and felt it would be confusing to just switch on the fly (no pun intended).

It was severe foot pain that changed everything! I was told to wear only sneakers. ... I refused to wear sneakers and skirts and portray myself as a missionary toting six children in Wal-Mart. I get enough stares as it is. I made the switch back to pants and told my girls they could make their own choice and they wear a little of both now.

I do wear skirts on Sundays. I am still the same person on the inside and a little free-er on the outside ;) One of the other posters made a comment about Fundamental Protestantism – I find some of the hard-core Catholic dress patrol police to be one in the same with my 10 year experience sitting in the Fundamentalist pew. Even more hurtful? Making the switch has caused more than one "friend" to distance themselves out of my life.
"Hard-core Catholic dress patrol police"? That's some messed up stuff, right there, and the sooner it gets driven out of the Church the better.