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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The best of the story

My own digest of the meatier bits in Cdl-Des Wuerl's speech -- if you'll pardon me, your to-be-Eminence -- is this [emboldening mine]:
  • "It's very easy to lock doors. We must always be pushing doors open, to allow the place of religious freedom, religious faith, religious experience, to be a part of our nation, our society, our culture.

    We take for granted our religious freedom, but today it is under substantive while subtle challenge. Freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, are gradually being reduced to the concept of freedom of worship within your church building, within your house of prayer."

  • "Little did we think that the content of something as familiar to all of us as the Catechism of the Catholic Church could be branded as hate speech."

  • "It's not enough that we recognize the problem and even lament the consequences of the problem. We have to be prepared to respond to the problem."

  • "The Knights of Malta have a proud history of defense of the Faith... Today, the new word for 'defense' is simply 'witness.' Witness, to bear witness to what we believe personally, individually. How important is personal witness to the Faith? Today, I think, it's extremely significant. What should guide our actions is the conviction that that ancient maxim, Magna est veritas et prævalebit, the truth is great and it will win out. But for the truth to prevail, it must first be heard."

  • "So much of what we and our neighbors in the nation know about our Catholic Church is mediated through the lens of others, many of whom simply don't know the story."

  • "My hope is that, at the end of this program, we will recognize three things: the nature of the problem, involving the erosion of religious liberty; the need for more effective dissemination of the rest of the story; and our own personal role in being a witness, a defender of the Faith, whenever those opportunities arise."