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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Receive ye the Holy Ghost

St. Thomas (the name means "Twin")
Was out when he should have been in.
It would have been best
If he'd stayed with the rest.
The homilist on Sunday asked the age-old question: How could Thomas have doubted, when he'd lived with Jesus, spoken with Him, and watched Him at work for three years?

And I thought: Ah, but was Thomas doubting Jesus, or was he doubting his fellow disciples -- whom he'd lived with, spoken with, and watched at work for three years (or more)?

Peter, James, Moe, John, Larry: What is there in the Gospels that makes them seem like people anyone would trust to get something like the Resurrection right?

It's healthy, I think, to ponder from time to time just how radically we depend on God, on God alone, for our faith. We talk about the Apostles as pillars of the Church, and of Peter in particular as the rock upon which the Church is founded, but the foundation of Peter is Jesus. It's Jesus all the way down.

We look to the Apostles and their successors for teachings, for the whatness of the Faith, and we look to the saints for the credibility of the Faith. But to actually have faith, to get the thatness of faith, we need the Spirit of Christ.