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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

In case you were wondering where you stand

Tom Toles, the Washington Post's editorial cartoonist, is like an editorial cartoon's caricature of a Washington Post editorial cartoonist. There is not a liberal or progressive trope he does not support. If someone were actually to draw him in an editorial cartoon, he's be the figure holding the banner that said, "Death to Conservatives!"

Oh, wait. Someone did actually draw him in an editorial cartoon. And he is actually saying, "Death to conservatives."

To be literal, he is saying, "Is it okay to yell, 'Hurry up'?" But he is asking about yelling it to conservatives -- specifically, those reactionary dinosaurs who oppose attempts to redefine marriage -- and what they are to hurry up is their "aging and dying off."

It would be a terrible thing to falsely accuse someone of publicly wishing for the death of those whose political opinions he opposes. In this case, though, I wouldn't say it's a false accusation, since it was Tom Toles himself who drew the cartoon (which ran on May 9, 2012, if you want to go look for it; I'm not sure how to get a permalink for it).