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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Notes from a retreat

Our parish RCIA program had a retreat today. Some talks about prayer, some prayer (including Mass and Exposition with Benediction), and a fabulous lunch.

A few random notes from what others said:
  • In prayer, we are beggars before God; we have nothing and we need everything. But how does our attitude toward the beggars who beg from us affect our attitude toward our own beggarhood?

  • In the fight against evil, the Christian's weapon is love. The good news: there's an infinite source of love. The bad news: in this world, the weapon of love is the cross.

  • Faith becomes real faith when we lean on God so far, we would fall over if He weren't there.

  • We are not all given the charism of healing, but we are all called to bring Jesus to others, and when we bring Jesus we bring healing.