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Sunday, February 17, 2013

P40X: The Sunday Check-up

So, how's Lent going?

Hold on, don't tell me. Tell God.

Each Sunday of Lent, take some time to review your Lenten commitments and how you've been keeping them. I don't say "how well you've been keeping them," this review isn't about assigning yourself a grade. It's about reflecting on your approach to Lenten discipline, your actions themselves, your attitude toward it all, and whatever fruits you've observed.

To put it another way, the Sunday check-up is a way of cultivating your Lenten discipline: pulling up weeds, pruning excessive growth, staking and tying weak vines, all that sort of thing.

Today you are five days older than you were on Tuesday when you finalized your Lenten intentions. It's possible that you are somewhat wiser as well. If the commitments you settled on at the start are obviously too burdensome or too ineffectual, go ahead and revise them.

Recopy your Lenten commitments, by hand, on a piece of paper. Write, "I commit to the following for the remainder of the 2013 Lenten season:," then write them down, revised as appropriate.

And if, like me, you weren't wise enough to include "daily prayer for a fruitful Lent" on your list five days ago, go ahead and add it now.

Then read the list, out loud, to God. Not as a vow, or even a promise, but as an intention. God will bless you in your intentions -- although it's certainly possible He will bless you by letting you know that He intends you to be purified in ways you haven't chosen.