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Friday, May 31, 2013

Online Catholic reporting

Selections from "Recent Searches" at

    who is my bishop
    who is our current bishop
    who is patron saint of those born october 27
    who is st lily
    who is the last person to become a saint
    who is the new bishop of knoxville
    who is the patron of saint for wealth
    who is the patron saint of courage
    who is the patron saint of good health
    who is the patron saint of rivers
    who is the patron saint of the sea
    who was saint anita
    who was st pamela
    who was the pope in 1960
    who wrote hear o lord the sound of my call

    what are reasons behind late marriage
    what are the 3 groups of sacraments
    what are the theme of each sunday in advent
    what are the two main parts of eucharist
    what are the two main parts of mass
    what day do we celebrate the feast mary
    what did jesus say about children
    what did saint anthony do to become a saint
    what did saint grace do
    what did saint john the baptist do to become a saint
    what did saint maria do
    what did saint paul do to become a saint
    what did st grace do
    what does a priest wear
    what does amen mean
    what does confirmation mean to me
    what does p with x symbol means
    what does purple mean when is lent
    what does the word novena mean
    what feast day is today
    what happened on easter sunday
    what is a concord pastor
    what is a retreat letter
    what is catholic mass
    what is oration
    what is recollection
    what is repose of the soul
    what is the christmas message
    what is the feast day of st jennifer
    what is the gospel for tomorrow
    what is the gospel last sunday
    what is the sacrament of initiation
    what is the things used in the holy mass
    what is yesterday's gospel and reflection
    what prayers do we say during mass
    what time does the dawn start
    what was the first easter sunday gospel
    what year was saint hope born

    when and where was saint grace of spain born
    when did missing mass become a mortal sin
    when do we celebrate the rosary feast
    when does advent end
    when does advent start and end
    when does lent end in 2009
    when does ordinary time start
    when does the easter season start
    when does the pope give mass
    when is lent officially over
    when was saint anne born
    when was saint grace born
    when was saint luke canonized
    when was saint michael born
    when was st anne born

    where did mary grow up
    where did saint elizabeth ann seton live
    where did the holy spirit take jesus for 40 days
    where do you get a catholic funeral mass card
    where does the pope give mass in rome

    why did saint michael become a saint
    why did st luke become a saint
    why do we celebrate lent
    why do we eat fish and not meat on good friday
    why do you celebrate a mass 40 days after death
    why is fish not a meat
    why make confirmation
    why no meat on friday
    why was saint peter canonized
    why was st matthew canonized