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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Slogan for the New Evangelization

One of the reasons the New Evangelization is so slow in getting traction is that it lacks a good slogan. If you just uncork the phrase "the New Evangelization" in public, you'll be buffeted by questions about the fate of the Old Evangelization. But if you follow up immediately with a catchy slogan, you're golden. And if you follow up immediately with this catchy slogan, you're platinum:

Be a quoll, not a wombat!

Now, there's nothing wrong with wombats. They're delightful creatures. But they are not, when you get right down to it, quolls.

Tiger Quoll | Dasyurus maculatus photo
"I have one question: Are you in?"

Nobody wants to be a wombat when they could be a quoll. It's a well-known fact. Once people learn that being involved in the New Evangelization is like being a quoll and not being involved is like being a wombat, you'll have to hire an assistant to take down all the names and cell phone numbers.

Image attribution: SeanMack at the English language Wikipedia