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Friday, August 30, 2013

The problem with Catholic Answers...

... isn't Catholic answers, it's Catholic questions.

UPDATE: Sorry, that's pretty obscure. To flesh it out a bit: Sometimes I listen to "Catholic Answers Live" on my drive home from work, and I've noticed I usually don't find it inspiring. It doesn't make me think, "Glory be to God!," or, "O my Jesus, I love you!," or, "Have mercy on me, a sinner," or even, "Ain't Catholicism grand?" But then, what they're doing is simply answering the questions people call in and ask. If the questions are all narrow and technical, then the answer will be, too. But the Catholic Faith, the burning realization that God is love and His Son died for our sins, is not narrow and technical. This sort of thing is not, of course, unique to or even particularly associated with "Catholic Answers Live." It's ubiquitous. When Catholics talk about Catholicism, we sound like people trying to make sure we're getting all the details right, not like we're trying to keep up as best we can with the love and mercy and graces our mad lover Jesus is giving us. How come?