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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Without saying, it goes

My advice for today is this: Don't let Jesus go without saying.

If you're talking about something to which Jesus is relevant, mention Him. Don't leave the Son of God implicit in your speech. Be explicit.

Don't think, "Surely it goes without saying that, 'Fidelity to the Magisterium is important,' means, 'Fidelity to Christ through fidelity to His Magisterium is important." Empirically, it has gone without saying, which is part of the reason we're at the point where it doesn't go without saying -- that is, it can't be assumed to be understood by the listener (and, maybe, not always even by the speaker) that Jesus is relevant to what's being said.

We've gone without saying that Jesus is relevant to our religious conversations for so long that it is not at all clear that Jesus is still relevant to our religious conversations. Even if it is crystal clear to us, what about the way things are would justify the assumption that it's clear to those listening to us?