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Friday, November 08, 2013

The Holy Spirit called. He wants His gifts back.

After this evening's introductory session of the Called and Gifted Workshop, I settled down (with a Manhattan, thank you very much) to run through the spiritual gifts inventory.

I was told that zeros -- i.e., "Never"s on a scale from "Never" to "Often" -- are good, "discernment" coming from the Latin for "to separate apart" and zeros suggesting that I can separate myself apart from the charism associated with that question. Combine this predisposition to give myself zeros with the facts that a) a lot of the questions begin, "People often tell me..." and b) I don't often listen to what people tell me, and I managed to score a zero (on a scale of 0-15) on the following charisms:
  • Administration
  • Celibacy
  • Craftsmanship
  • Discernment of spirits
  • Giving
  • Healing
  • Hospitality
  • Leadership
  • Mercy
  • Missionary
  • Music
  • Service
  • Voluntary Poverty
That should really speed up the discernment interview.