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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Two for the chorus

I might add:
Yay for the Church! Yay for Good Saint John!
I don't have a special devotion to either new papal saint, and that's okay. My litany of personal patron saints runs to twenty-two -- including a pope, if that matters (St. Soter, whose feast day was last week) -- and I will grow in the image of Jesus no faster by bandwagonning onto Sts. John or John Paul.

Still, two of my patrons (Sts. Katherine Drexel and Faustina Kowalska) were canonized after my devotion to them began, so I can appreciate and celebrate the joy devotees of these holy popes have today.

Standard Disclaimer: I'm the one who claims my patron saints as my patrons. What they think of the arrangement is for them to say (though I have obtained some of the things I've asked for through their intercession). And my "devotion" to my patron saints is on the same scale as my "love" for God and neighbor. Don't think of me kneeling next to little old ladies lighting candles before statues, think of me saying, "Rats, wasn't his feast day last week?"