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Saturday, September 20, 2014

On the Threshold of the Five Thresholds

Having heard, over the course of two evenings and one day, Sherry Weddell explain her take on applying the Five Thresholds of Conversion in a Catholic context, I think I'm ready to downgrade my objections to quibbles.

My objections chiefly amounted to this, that the Five Thresholds model is too one-dimensional and linear to fully describe all the paths to discipleship Catholics might follow. What answered the objection?
  1. Sherry said several times that not everyone goes through all the thresholds in a clear and distinct way.
  2. Taken individually, the thresholds do describe transitions people go through, so even if it's not categorical it's still a useful model.
  3. I realized that the model was developed to address the post-modern journey, and I'm not a post-modern, so it's okay if it doesn't really speak to my own experience.
That said, I'm still not sold on collapsing the lived experience of so many Mass-going Catholics into "Trust." But hey, maybe they're post-moderns, and besides, it's only a model.